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chuckitatthewall (profile) wrote,
on 11-12-05 at 1:02am
Dude I'm really sorry about your grandma. I know how tough it is to watch someone die because God (or the higher being) decided to give them cancer and call them up but I don't know it feels to think someone has just given up. Maybe shes just tired. Her husband is already gone and maybe she is starting to feel like a burden on you guys. I'm not saying that is the reason but maybe thats a piece of it. I mean..just try to think of yourself in her position. Sure, everyone loves her and doesn't want her to go but she probably loves you so much that she doesn't want to feel like shes a hindrance (for lack of a better word) to you.

I was just thinking about growing up the other day. Its really scaring me too but we have to do it. Things are already happening to us that are forcing us to grow up faster. I think if we are scared of growing up we'll miss out on so much so we can't be afraid. Everyone does it and its our turn to begin our slow transformation. I must say does suck

I better go. I hope everything works out Jessica
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