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Triple (profile) wrote,
on 11-25-05 at 7:37pm
*Thinks to himself* "man I need some sort of mind altering substance to deal with this mother fucker...this is what it must be like to have herpies...something that always annoys the b-jesus outta you and you can only get rid of it with a shot"

You again... People with common decency don't throw fucking cats you fucking moron. And I don't only hate you for what you did, there are far to many reasons to list why i hate you, so i'll put it this way I just hate you, Hate is a feeling and thats how I feel. Your telling me to be a man? your one to talk, a man would have a job, a man would be trying to make something of himself, and not be a leach on America. I'm done wasteing my time on you. Thats all your doing is trying to waste my time becuase you have nothing better to do because you have no life, no reason to would be better off 6-feet under, the country as a whole would be better with you that way
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