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Triple (profile) wrote,
on 11-26-05 at 1:27pm
You don't just don't fucking learn do you?

James I'm going to give it to you all the way mother fuckin' straight

You have mental problems' (These are problems that are caused by your brain not working good. did you understand that?) I do not know what caused these problems, maybe your were born fucked up or maybe your mental instability was caused when you where molested, I dunno, I don't care. I know I've said a few times now that I hate you and I want nothing to do with you and I even asked you why you still post in the journal, There is no point to you posting in my woohu unless you expect hostility you dumbass, everytime you post you show that you truely are a dumbass.

James you are a leach on the U.S. people like you who think that everyone else can pay there bills are the reason this country is going to hell like it is, I mean you should just move to mexico, you already live like a beaner, you live in a fucking pole-barn.


-to the mexican people-
I'm truly sorry for that last comment. saying that James lives like you is a insult to you, the people of mexico, I mean you maybe mexican but aleast you know how to work and keep a job, kudos!

ok back on track...

Brenton isn't comming to my rescue dumb shit, you posted something he didn't agree with and he commented, that isn't comming to ones defense shit fuck. You'll know when Brenton comes to my rescue becuase it prolly won't be to pretty. besides your nothing, I don't need help to defend myself from you. I can handel you on my own just fine, shit you give me plenty to work with.

*shakes his head and laughs*
He was molested, he lives in a pole barn, and mexicans are smarted then he is..

that's what I would call a shitty life....and If I was you James,
I 'd kill, you should go do that, just get a gun and blow your fucking head off, nobody would really care.
it'd be just another one of those teen suicides.
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