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Triple (profile) wrote,
on 11-30-05 at 8:14pm
Jesus fucking Christ....

You ARE fucking stupid just like james. Jenny/Negro Domious has more brains then the two of you put together

If you took some fucking time to read my post, instead of thinking of ways to provoke me then....lets just take a look at it again since I know i'm going to have to explain it to you because of your diminished brain capacity.

( V---- This part partains to you)
"*If you or your boyfriend have ever thrown a kitty out a 2 story apartment then you need to leave *"

Is james your boyfreind? yes? did he thow casper out of the apartment? yes? then you need to get the hell out of my journal.

And you know damn well that I'm talking about this shit right here, This "Fighting". why would I waste my time kicking the shit outta you and go to jail? I don't even know where you live you dumb bitch.

and tell me Holly, since you know everything about law, just like you know every fucking thing else, whats the punishment for throwing a cat out of a 2 story apartment? Maybe you could tell me the punishment for stealing?

You say you don't want to fight, then why the fuck are you still posting? fucking hypocrite
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