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Triple (profile) wrote,
on 12-01-05 at 8:00pm
Holly Holly Holly.

Your Stupidity amazes me just like James' does.
I do not understand how a human could lack so much Intelligence. do you even comprehend what I'm typing? maybe if I made all my letters look like semen and dick you might be a tad more inclinded to slow down and try and comprehend what I type.

1st of all, you both are stupid as hell, you both don't seem to be able to understand anything above a picture book. Even some of the more difficult Dr.Suess books could give you two a run for you money. *snickers*(What money? James'? HA!)

2nd I wouldn't go around thinking that it's a accomplishment that you are going out with James. Hell I think he's the one that getting jewed in your relationship. If my girlfirend was a slut and willingly fucked a black guy then lied about it, then called for 3 of my friends to "finish" her up after we got done, she woulda been kicked to the curb in a heartbeat. Maybe you should get a tatoo just like James' on your back only yours should read "Natural Born Slut"

and 3rd. All your good for is sitting on your ass. Am I supposed be shocked or somthing? because I'm not. Thats all you do, and you wonder why your fat, I think you ment for that last sentence to say this...

"I'm going to sit here and laugh fuck 2 men at the same time (neather being James) and stuff my face with brownies"

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