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sexkitten (profile) wrote,
on 12-01-05 at 9:18pm
Craig, Craig, Craig,
I think that the Dr. Suess book comment was very witty and clever. You make me laugh. BTW, if you would have kicked me to the curb, then whay did you tell James you would have let it role off your back? You have know idea what you are talking about, b/c you are not me, so you do not know what I "willing" did.You have no room to talk about things that are beyond your experience, and as much as I dislike you right about now, you were fortunate not to. I think that a tattoo saying "natural born slut" would look pretty good on my "fat ass", don't you? And I guess if I could get two guys at the same time, than I guess I am not what you say I am. Your insults are getting pretty good, i think this tirade is giving good ideas on how to make others laugh at your exaggerated lash-outs.
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