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karoras-spirit (profile) wrote,
on 12-02-05 at 7:10am
I have a number of criteria for books I like:

1. They mustn't have an ending. I hate things with endings. The best type of book is the one that stops and leaves things undone.
2. If more than 3 distinct points happen in a chapter, it can go. Books with fast-moving plots just aren't my thing. Hence my enjoyment of LitFic - often in an entire book, virtually nothing is actually accomplished. There is a problem. The characters aknowledge there is a problem. The end.
3. Verbs can go and sod off. Introspection, not action, is what the best books are made of. See above point.
4. Plots are evil and must be strangled.

Hmm. No plot, no ending, and no action. Kinda easy to see why I like LitFic, then! XD
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