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Triple (profile) wrote,
on 12-02-05 at 7:15pm
Again Holly you need to slow your roll and TRY to comprehend what I'm typing.

I didn't say that you stole, I simply asked if you knew what the punishment for stealing is. You seem to know everything else about the law. You and James have both stolen before. It doesn't take a rocket scientist but you two ofcourse are far from one. You never told me what the punishment for throwing a cat out of a two story building was, I'll just call the kent county sheriff and ask them.

You say that my "Lash-outs" (No, It's the truth) are exaggerated? Did you fuck a black guy willingly while going out with James then lie about it? yes, Did you call for Gravy, Jay and Nick after you and James fucked saying that you needed someone to "finish you up"? yes. how is that a exaggeration? I know plenty of people who would call a girl like that a slut. Sorry "Babe"(The pig) no exaggerations here

tough cookies, succubus
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