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sexkitten (profile) wrote,
on 12-02-05 at 8:47pm
No, i did not sleep w/ a black guy and lie about it, that was the summer before i met james. And yeah, i did call for those guys, when i was completely and utterly drunk outta my minf like i never was before. But if that makes me a slut, then i guess that Mindy qualifies as one in your book too, huh? You don't say nuthin about her cuz' she took your side and i didn't. And you can call me names forever and a day, but that's all you got, so i'm not offended, it appears to make the sad boy inside you feel better. I'm sorry your father is dead, but if cutting others down nullifies the pain, then so be it. But I guess if I smoked weed and drank cough syrup or took alot of pills, I'd be thin like you, huh? Yeah, something you and your friends know all about. What beautiful people,who aren't even going to college, and graduated at the end of their class.
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