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Triple (profile) wrote,
on 12-03-05 at 1:44pm
I can't help but laugh at you holly

Are you compareing Mindy to you? If you are....well your a hell of a lot more stupid and more of a 2-faced-bitch then I thought. First of all Mindy is still a virgin you dumbass. Mindy is quite the opposite of you. Mindy isn't a whore that will sleep with anything with a Dick. She is waiting until she is married to have sex, she has some integrity unlike you. Yes she can me mildy irritateing when she talks, but I'd rather listen to her then listen to you talk about irelivant bullshit.

YOu seem to think that the death of my father is affecting my mental state. Your one to talk. YOur moms dead so you must be insane your your book no? I already know that you should be in a mental institution. You drink blood for Christs sake, fuck loon. You have no room to talk on the subject of dead parents. But see that is where the simliarty between you and I ends. I have 1 bio-parent and one Step parent that Love me, that care that I'm safe and that I do well in life. I know I've said it many times that I could give two shits that my father is dead, Big deal get over it. You seem to think that the lack of a biological dad makes me hurt? Sorry babe, He's just another person I that I could give a fuck less about. He's not my dad he only fathered me. He didn't raise me as his own and treated me better then his own bio-kids and for that he has my respect. I think your talking about yourself. You never had a mother. Nobody to teach you how to be a woman. That explains why you act like a vietnamese crack whore and not like a young respectable woman. Without a strong female role-model in your life you turned to sex to fill the emptiness within you. You figure that you can fill that empty place inside you with a dick and you won't hurt any more. You lack morality and a basic common decency. YOu and NBB both lack God in your lives and you will pay for your acts agaist him come Judgement day. God doesn't take to kindly to those that do not belive in he and his works.

You need a little more practice Dr.Freud.

You comment on my use of drugs? ha. You smoke weed dumbass. You need to get past your own hypocrisy before you open that cunt mouth of yours. And I don't mean for you to open it for a dick ether. Although thats the only think that isn't geasey and loaded with sugar that you'll put in your mouth.

If you want to make this worse talk shit about my friends. You will NEVER have friends like I have. Brenton Jay Andy and Gravy are the Best Friends I have ever had.

Tust me just fucked up and made this a whole lot bad mouthing Brenton and Jay is just like James thowing Casper. It is forgiveable

....Your talking shit about my best friend....MY MOTHER FUCKING BEST FRIEND...You don't seem to unserstand slut. Nobody talks shit about Brenton. After all the shit he and I did for you and that panty stain you call your man you have the adasity to talk shit. You truly are nothing more then a egotistic whore that will fuck anything with a cock who thinks she knows everything. The only thing you know anything about is how to suck dick from behind and take nut the the grill. unappreciative cunt
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