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JordanMackenzie7 (profile) wrote,
on 12-03-05 at 4:29pm
I read your most recent journal entry Craig, so I thought I would come back here and take a look-see at what I've missed while I thought this tragic war of insults was coming to a close.

And sadly, I apologize that I can not comment specifically for any one side of this war anymore. And I'm really afraid that I'm going to lose a friend when I state my opinion. But, since everyone has taken a severe turn into "I HATE JORDAN" mode lately, and it has caused me a severe depression that scripts my daily life--- WHAT HAVE I TO LOSE?

JUST STOP! You guys are not making this any better. NEITHER OF YOU! You just fight and fight and fight, and I'm beginning to wonder if it just makes you feel better to insult one another. Actually, I'm almost sure that's what it does, but what neither of you seems to understand is that the fire is never going to die if you don't just stop feeding it. Then, when other people get into it grows, like someone just stuck a TOWN in front of it. Sometimes you can put it out with water, but that doesn't always work does it? You can't just put your two-cents in and hope that the other person will back down. IN FACT, it's not even about backing down. It's about ending this atrocity that you are welcoming to yourselves.

Please stop. I can't even think about this anymore. It hurts to see people that used to get along just NOT anymore. It hurts even more that my words are probably going to reach no one and mean nothing; because you're too busy thinking up slanderous/hurtful statements to throw back.

Craig; you keep talking about God... God WANTS forgiveness. And if you don't feel you can forgive, at least allow peace.

Holly; you don't want to fight? You don't understand? Maybe this is one thing you don't need to understand the reasons behind.

Just disagree, and in doing so, allow it to end.
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