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LoupGarou (profile) wrote,
on 12-08-05 at 4:19am
Oops. Stupid computer.

Dude I know! And now that she and all the other classes are piling all this crap on us to get it done before break it's even worse! I can't wait until it's all over. I don't get this whole "inconsistent effort" thing either. It's a piece of crap. How are the teacher supposed to know what we put effort into and understand versus what we put effort into while trying to understand it? Unless you don't do the work at all, i don't think that's very fair.

WHAP homework is definitely overkill. I get distracted, sure, because that's the way it is, but even without distractions I get the feeling this stuff would take me until midnight anyway. And as you can see if the time is right on this, it indeed has taken me past frickin midnight because of that dumbass essay that we have to write tomorrow. I'm confident with it now, but once I get there and see the prompt, I know I'm going to feel terrible. And while I was looking up the stuff for the essay, I also got to read over all the fucking stuff I now know i got wrong on the multiple choice test today. It's so frustrating seeing that!

I think there's an alien in my house.

No, seriously, dude, I'm getting freaked out. There are weird noises.

Guess I better go take a shower and read some nice, lovely, fantastic Shakespeare! Oh the unconquerable excitement...

Hope you feel better, homie. Listen to Christmas songs, for they are happy. And if the last comment says it was anonymous, that was me, because I got confused and shtuff. Bye bye.
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