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twiggypuff (profile) wrote,
on 12-25-05 at 2:10am
Hey, fuck wad.. Joe's not sponging off from me. He's been to every place in town and no one is hiring. You're a fucking idiot. You keep talking shit about people, but you don't know a god damn thing. You're jealous. He has a girlfriend that cares about him, and you have some guy.. that you try to be like. Find your own personality. You don't have any real friends anymore, you had Mishy, but you fucked that up for yourself. No one cares about you, nor do they have reason to. You know.. people are never laughing with you, just at you. You're so fucking stupid. "Oh I'm a ninja" hiya.. chop chop..

How about you grow up, stop trying to make yourself feel better by talking shit about someone that wouldn't take two seconds out of his day to think about you, not even for a million dollars. You're a worthless piece of shit. Take a toaster to the bath again, fuck wad.
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