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spud (profile) wrote,
on 01-17-06 at 11:00pm
that is teh suck, sir. certainly my best wishes for an expeditious convalescence.

Li'l Beaver:

as far as the explosion goes, most likely culprit is an open fuel reservoir... gasoline fumes are more volatile than liquid gasoline itself. even static electricity... a spark of any kind - would be enough to make them ignite instantly.

less likely, i would say fuel getting on hot engine parts and spontaneously combusting. that doesn't make sense to me, because the engines probably weren't warmed up yet. possibly a leak in the tank, or an overfull tank would cause that... or a leaky fuel line or something. but still, flames need oxygen to feed them. there's not enough oxygen in a fuel line to allow the flame to reach the tank. but if the tank is open and uncovered... BAM. there's nothing to stop the flame from igniting the whole thing.

that's my analytical deduction. as far as the source of ignition, i haven't the slightest clue. could be any number of things. but i would say the gas cap was off. that's just my guess.
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