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toki (profile) wrote,
on 01-18-06 at 2:41am
I'm sorry, Kimis. You have no reason to be miserable. Everybody deserves some form of happiness. What would life be if the simple act of being happy was completly unachieveable, why would we feel any happiness at all?

We'll have to party sometime.

You shouldn't feel the need to hide the "real you" from anyone. I don't know. What's the point of being close to people if they can't even see the real you?

It's good that someone has seen it. You can't stay hidden forever. That can't be healthy.

And it's okay to go against your long as you keep your other plans in check. If that makes sense. And you're a smart kid, so I think you know that.

It is hard to be any form of independant once you're with someone for long enough. People and even you start to identify you and the other person as a "couple" instead of two people, which isn't a bad thing all the time. When you're with someone, you have to be ready to give and take in relationships.

But yeah, I know how you feel. Eventually, though, you'll want a little bit of that independance back and it'll be too late.

Try your best to keep yourself happy outside of Brian. While it's awesome that you have this as a big part of your life, you have alot more going for you. You have school, your crazy awesome singingness, the play, and good friends who still get their socks rocked off by you.

Yep. Sandy Kimis, be happy. It'll be okay, I promise.
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