Anonymous wrote,
on 01-27-06 at 2:25pm
hey...i'm really sorry to hear about jeremiah...i read about the accident and never connected "Jeremiah of Cedar Springs" with "Jeremiah that Jejuan always talks about"...i hope he gets better...the list of damages sounds terrible...

anywho...i just wanted to say i miss you bunches...and i'm sorry i haven't called...we moved and then Sydney (yes you were spelling it right) got really ended up (after 3 doctors visits of "oh she's just fussy") that she had a pretty bad ear bad it was making her throw up and all these other things because they were slow and stupid and let the bacterial infection spread... :) its been a fun sleepless THAT'S why i haven't called you back...but...i WILL be calling you soon, cuz i want you to come see my new apartment...its looking AWESOME...i won't have to throw everything in the ONE bedroom when you come over this time...there's so much more room...there's actually a place for everything. :)

okay...i guess i should have just emailed you...i didn't realize i was gonna type so much...oh well...

in short...i miss you, and i love you...AND i hope to see you soon :)
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