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spud (profile) wrote,
on 02-12-06 at 8:33pm
screwing up your family? oldsters or youngsters? i won't press you about it, i guess. it's family, which i'm not, so i'll leave it be. but if you want an ear, mine are marginally wax free and super-duper-eager to sponge up the mundane.

and i agree with you to a degree... i mean, there's stupid drinking and there's fun drinking. stupid drinking is, well, stupid. but there's fun drinking too though... and it's just a matter of doing it with other people who feel the same way you do... where you're comfortable with each other, and your surroundings, and the key is moderation. you don't drink to escape reality, you drink to relax. that's the difference.

with dope, i dunno. if it helps you relax, then cool. i was super paranoid that everybody would know, and kinda lost touch with planet earth, which is more than just relaxing. but you don't NEED either of those things to relax. so, i agree with you there. you can do fine without it, and that doesn't make you weird to not want to partake... or to not even enjoy partaking. because i'm with you... except there are times when partaking can be enjoyable. just have to know when. and, more importantly, with who...

i miss you beans. : (

i love you beans. : )

i ate beans with dinner. : |

(emoticon overusage? guilty as charged)
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