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tails (profile) wrote,
on 02-12-06 at 11:40pm
*hugs from a forgotten friend* i love you sarah we had fun back then. but speaking of all this drugs and drinking bussiness. i agree with chris on the aspects of fun drinking if its in moderation with people you trust and feel comfortable around. and i dont think anyone should ever be so drunk they pass out in front of their doors and left for what may come of them. and if you drink to escape your pain then you shouldnt be drinking its a recreational thing (ruined that word sorry) but its not meant for an excuse to feel like things aren't real for a while. and drugs...i dont know about that at all *hippies may say its a product of mother earth to be used *others may say its a drug and should be treated as such, meaning not touched. i dont think i really have a stand point on that. ive tried weed. its nothing special i mean i dont see how people can be so addicted to it like its the means of breathing. but whatever. im sorry your tired. college life seems to be sucking for you. *hugs* love you much. (o and by the way im not saying that you forgot about me, because im as guilty as anyone of not trying to contact you. i mean neither of us seem to want to or anything so sorry just forget it)
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