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TaoMan1121 (profile) wrote,
on 03-21-03 at 12:55am
Talk about predictable... you were the two I knew I was going to have issues with. Let me explain my rating system for this one. I placed the shows based on four categories: quality of the show, length and consistency of run, effect/influence it had on television, and lastly, the noglastia factor. Obviously Home Improvement was not the best made television show ever, or even the funniest, but it was one of the most influential to me growing up; I was absolutely in love with the show. Therefore, the noglastia factor is through the room and makes up for the other areas. I thought that a show that I considered my favorite for years should have some place in my top ten.

Millenium is on there because it was creepy, it had some great episodes, and I'm Chris Carter's bitch. Hey, at least I didn't put Harsh Realm or The Lone Gunmen on there.

And as for 24... Meruan, you wouldn't be satisfied unless it was number one. :-P Besides, while it is one of the most unique shows on the list, the short run of the show holds it back, as well as the fact as the shows before it have a bit more drama and character development. You can see more of an evolution in the characters and the action. And I'm just having issues because I was one of the only people there from the first hour and I turned everybody else onto it and it kind of tarnishes the whole thing. Don't get me wrong, it's a great show, I love cliffhangers and suprises in TV shows, it's just not top 10 material yet.

And why the hell hasn't anyone been asking about Gun yet? I thought I would have gotten a "what the hell is that?" by now.
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