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spud (profile) wrote,
on 02-21-06 at 9:42pm
alrighty. i may have skimmed a bit in the middle, but i read the lion share, and i like what i'm hearing.

for the last two years now, i've been staring at myself in the mirror, trying to figure out why in the fuck i'm on this blasted planet. what purpose am i here to serve? i like talking to people and helping them through their problems. i like doing technical stuff with electronic audio/visual equipment. i like playing/listening to music. and that's pretty much it. oh, and i like engines. cars and stuff.

now, how the hell am i supposed to make a career out of that mess? how am i supposed to make a degree out of that mess? i think you're on the right track in what you're thinking. i'm not going to tell you to do one thing or the other, because they're both feasible. but i can tell you right now that if your heart's not in it, college is a bitch. and you don't want to get slapped up by some bitch that's stealing your money that you don't even like. i'm not saying that's what WOULD happen, but it MIGHT. and that wouldn't be cool. worst case scenario is, you go through with the cosmetology thing, realize it's not your bag, and change your mind and do something else. or you go into nursing still, and change your mind and do something else. either way, don't be afraid to change your mind. it's going to be far better changing tracks, than staying on the one that makes you miserable.

hope that helps : )
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