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keltoesx (profile) wrote,
on 03-05-06 at 11:32pm
you know...i'm sure you and your family dont really care. but your mom is in my prayers and i would really love to visit her. i know i havent seen nor talked to your mom since Red Flannel Day but i honestly love your mom as though she were my own. she took such good care of me even after Sam and i werent dating anymore. and im so thankful for that. i honestly wouldnt have made it through some of the things i did without her. and if you guys need anything at all...please, just let me know. i would do anything to make sure your moms okay...cause i know how it is having a parent in the hospital...i almost lost my dad in november and it was the scariest thing i have ever been through...just seeing him hooked up to the respirators was pure torture and seeing him sedated and coming in and out of it...i can't even describe the emotions i felt. but anyways...sorry for rambling. let me know if theres anything i can do. goodnight.
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