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LoupGarou (profile) wrote,
on 03-06-06 at 1:40am
Dude I'm sorry. Don't you hate it when it's one of those days where all your parental unit does is complain and nag about everything? I can't really say at the moment that I know what it feels like to have you try something just to make your parents happy and then they get mad because you aren't doing it well enough, but I can try to imagine it as best as I can, and it sucks. I at least know how it feels to want to please my family, because I want to make them happy more than anything, but what your dad is doing is really stupid. He should try to see from your point of view sometimes or something.

And yeah, you're lucky for having a dad at all, but I think it's almost worse to have one that is there but is in a way not there than to have had one that died a long time ago, or not one at all or something.

Hope things have gotten better since then, dude. It's been only a week or something, but still.

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