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tuwang (profile) wrote,
on 04-04-06 at 11:05am
I wanted to comment on the latest entry but couldn't because... well you obviously didn't want people too... so maybe I shouldn't be commenting but i will anyway. Just to say that stress is a part of life, it will always be there, just pull yourself together, breathe, and take steps to solving whatever query you have. Also, don't even start with the whole you're not good enough routine. That's a killer. The trick is to not compare. I could spend all day wishing I was as strikingly good looking as brad pitt, or as smart as einstein, or what have you... but if I did that my whole life I wouldn't lead a very fulfilling existence would I? This may be confused for tremendous self confidence (i.e. I'm better than everyone attitude) but it's not. Do things for yourself more. but don't let it turn into mooching like I do...

also suicide is not an option, it's totally illegal and that would just not be cool being that you are this superior representation of our town with I despise so very much... /sarcasm

take it easy... I'm off to class now...
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