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mudpiegrl (profile) wrote,
on 04-25-06 at 12:07am
i think it's unfair to say it's ignorant to believe what one believes. however, i do believe it's ignorant to say that reading the bible has anything to do with it. first of all, there are so many religions that you cant possibly assume that reading the one particular book is going to determine your opinion. aside from that fact, i have read quite a bit of the bible, both on my own as well as well as in class in my nine years in a catholic school. i'm incredibly interested in religion and the origins and the whereabouts of beliefs.
i also believe that things were not an accident, but it can be attributed to evolution that the things we need we kept, so that's not quite a valid arguement.

your last few sentances bother me. this is why: first of all, you're telling me i'm wrong by saying, "whether you admit it or not", so therefore, the sentance following that statement contridicts itself. you're telling me to believe what you believe. and you also told me to think about it. had i not thought about it, i would not've come to the conclusion that i have. i would not make the post sincerely believing what i had written. besides that, the post was purposely not about whether or not god exists, but rather the fact that even those who agree with me feel it's necessary to conform to the rules of an institution created by humans when nowhere in the bible does it say that we must worship in a place designated for such practise.
the second thing is that you spelled whether wrong. weather is whether or not it's raining...:-|
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