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spud (profile) wrote,
on 03-23-03 at 9:53pm
as i read through again, i notice more.

first of all the incorrect use of always.

and incorrect accusations.

i do frequently give a speech.

and you do frequently not give a fuck because you're too far down in your own pool of crud to give a damn about whatever i'm saying.

because you think it's bullshit anyway, and i'm trying to excuse my behavior or something. or making you feel bad.

which is not the case. i do not want you to feel bad at all. and we do not ALWAYS hang off each other around you. i make a conscious effort not to, on my part anyway. katies not as sensitive to it, but that's not my problem.

and i have not once said i don't have control over it.

thats your fucking drowning in sorrow bullshit selective hearing.

i have every control over what i do. and every responsibility to do what is right with that control. and i am accountable for every lapse in that responsibility.

so that is why, if our bridge is - in fact - burned, then it is on my tab.

i'm getting lost
so i'll get back to you later
in person, or via some other form of communication
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