Anonymous wrote,
on 04-25-06 at 1:46pm
I can take this discussion into many different discussions, but I have to be somewhere in fifteen minutes, (so maybe I'll come back to this later, I don't know). I'm not going to address personal beliefs. I know yours, I know my friend's, I know mine, and I also know that conversion is a fruitless effort until said person is ready to listen. Off of that topic. When I first replied to you, it was because I thought your comment was a little thoughtless. I meant it when I said you leave no room, that it is too absolute and it turns people away. Ex: “the bible is the truth, and only truth,” “people should have a personal relationship with God, and that is all that matters.” To you, it sounds differently, it sounds strong and faithful, but to me, a Christian, and perhaps to my friend (I don’t know really, I can’t really speak for her), it’s in-your-face and pig-headed. Sorry but I think you are showing ignorance by not showing understanding to my friend’s beliefs, in which understanding and wisdom is a principle treasured in Christianity, as well as other belief systems.
If you want to spread your beliefs in way that is inviting and loving, the way that Jesus did it, then you’re going to have to find a different approach than a two sentence blog on someone’s serious thoughts of personal faith and hypocrisy.

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