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jennapie (profile) wrote,
on 05-27-06 at 2:18am
Jake Jake Jake! I love you! and I had fun golfing too! That course was really nice despite the houses. But anyways, we'll have to go again and play the front nine. We've gone golfing what.....3 or 4 times now? and I must say you ARE getting better, and you're remembering the fifty thousand rules that go along with it too! I'm proud of you babe! I love you more than anything, and I would drive out to your house anytime to see you, even if it is for only 45 minutes or so. We can do anything! And trust me, my weekend plans include you like every single second, so count me in with whatever! oh! and hot dogs and smores we can cross of the list! and shooting fireworks too! but let's do some more of those! and you can play guitar a little more too, you only played like one song tonight, and I need more! aahh! so I guess all we have left to do is my lights, but that can wait, I'm not in a hurry(anymore)(lol). I love you hunny! I'll talk to you early in the morn! muah!
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