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Loupgarou (profile) wrote,
on 06-25-06 at 4:38am
Dude, I don't really understand your sister. She actually talks about sex and her experience with it? In front of her parents?
Man, I think she has some serious inferiority issues. She's always comparing herself to you and other people, and I am so surprised she actually left that comment on myspace saying you were a fatass and needed to lose weight because you were taller than her and weigh a bit more. I don't know who she is to think she has the right to criticize appearance like that, especially when you aren't fat at all. I think someday when she matures a bit mentally she will look back on those comments and realize how mean and childish they are and feel terrible and embarrassed about them.

Like i've said before, I'm not one to criticize other people's family members, but for this I definitely agree that she is too mean to you for her own good, all to make herslef feel better. Tis icky indeed.
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