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loupGarou (profile) wrote,
on 07-30-06 at 1:14am
Don't be sad, marilyn Warilyn! But it does suck that Mary is moving out. How far away is she living from your house? Hopefully she'll come and visit a lot. It seems that Maureen and Michelle end up over at your house a lot anyway. I don't know if that is different because they are in college or what, but I doubt Mary will end up being as distant as Monica has become. After all, she seems like she likes spending time with you too.
It will definitely be different, but I hope you will be able to adjust okay. I'm sure she wouldn't mind talking to you on the phone when you feel like complaining or talking about something to her.

As for the Nickeroonie, I'm sure things will be fine, whether things work out with him or someone else. Perhaps I shall sing you a song to make you feel better? Maybe he's just bad at saying stuff or something.
I definitely can say though that I do miss boys half of the time too. I like our school, but I also really dislike it while on vacation. I'm dreading junior year, man, yet I don't want to get a head start on any of the work. Dude, this sucks.
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