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sexkitten (profile) wrote,
on 08-08-06 at 1:26pm
Why don't you get the fuck over yourself, god, you think everything I have to say is about you. You wish you could be that lucky. If I was talking about you, it would have said James. Grow up. I don't have the time in my day to worry about what you have to say or what you think. All I want is for us to tie up the lose ends, ie you sending me my money and you switching my phone over to my name, that way I can be done with dealing with you and visa vera. When I gave you that money, I did it in confidence that I would get it back by August 1st, and that was 8 days ago, nor did I hesitate to send it to you. But when I ask for you to take 2 minutes of your time to make a simple phone call or to keep a damn promise, you can't be bothered? That's bullshit and you know it is. You have your head jammed to far up your ass to notice that for the past month I have been trying to set everything so I never have to bother you again, or worry about you not paying our bill, but you have to be immature about it. You say you've changed, but the only change I see in you is that you are more of a colassal asshole than you were. This ain't nothing but some old ass baby mama drama w/o the child, thank the lord. I would think that you would want me out of your life so you can enjoying being with Erica, since you two are so "in love", but I think maybe you are doing this on purpose because you don't want to let go....that is the way you make it seem. So why don't you just do what I ask so we can get on with our lives, b/c I'm sick of having to deal with your attitude.
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