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just_peachie (profile) wrote,
on 08-30-06 at 11:20pm
Hey girlie! We haven't talked in forever, but I did get the pleasure of babysitting Kendall with Lee while Rachael was in Detroit. She's growing up! She's a beautiful little girl.
But on the subject above, this is what I think.
I think that if he is sharing everything with you except sexual encounters or girls or w/e, then he still has feelings for you. I know this guy, and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't hold his social life with females secret for no reason. He's the type that likes to brag and flaunt, no matter who it's to. He just doesn't want you to know because he is either afraid that you would disown him, or he's afraid of your opinion and letting you down.
And I think I have a pretty good idea on what girl you're referring to most b/c of the myspace. I know for a fact that he has no intentions on doing anything more than get sucked, get fucked, and duck out the door. She's just another dumb girl that will believe anything, and he's the type of guy who's going to take advantage of that. I personally think that you're the one that he still has feelings for, and no one is going to get inbetween that.
But unfortunately, I would have to suggest talking to him about it. Honestly, I think thats the only way anything is going to get resolved. You deserve the truth.

<3 Always,
Amy Lynn

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