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kurzhaar (profile) wrote,
on 09-09-06 at 7:41pm
Dear me,

Hi! Sorry I forgot the password and stuff, but I think it's for the best. This is the journal of highschool and [most of] my first year of college. In some ways you'd probably be angry at me, what with drinking, making out, and whatnot. Sorry, I'm not much better, I guess. Especially about what went on last week and just a couple days ago.

Now the question is whether or not I'll actually go to Eric and Joel's apartment tonight and drink with them while watching jealously as Eric and Jewamanda make out. Or stay here, at the apartment, all bored.

I just wish things weren't this way.

Many whatevers, and sorry once again for being corrupted and stuff.
Kittie the Kt
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