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beckaboo (profile) wrote,
on 09-10-06 at 11:05pm
You know what I love to do? Play in the fall leaves. I love to smell the crisp air and crunch through all the piles and bury myself in the pretty colors. And then I like to spin in circles and sing. It makes me feel alive to belt my heart out while I'm dancing through the leaves. And I like to watch my big dumb kitty, Cooper, bat at the leaves through the window. He's so stupid it's pathetic; he even looks pathetic with his huge head and four teeth and crossed-eyes. He'll bat at those leaves for hours and hours and he never notices that they don't get any closer or that he can never touch one. Sometimes I think that even though he's a big dumb kitty, Cooper has it so much better. Because wouldn't it be nice not to notice sometimes?

I love you. You're so special to me. I hope you know that.
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