Anonymous wrote,
on 10-26-06 at 4:15pm we seem to be on the same page again, like when i first met you. i am at an ultimate low right now as well. i guess love really does define life. i am back to the suicidal feeling. i hate this feeling. i have lost zach, forever i think. why is it that while i was with him the relationship felt incomplete and now i feel incomplete without it?? i have met someone else...but same as you, i am feeling that i will never be able to love him as i did zach. grrr....i feel like i am stuck in a soap opera. how did we become so emo?? damn love.
my temper has taken control of me. my own mother is afraid to not give me what i want for fear of what i might say/do. sounds nice in a way but it really isn't.
weird, i feel u are one of my best friends though we have never really met, u understand me better than anyone ever has besides zach....fuck i love the internet.
talk to me. i miss ur criticism...
i am still on gj as icing_addict if u want to comment there or read about my shitty life and i will check here too...if u bother to update. :-P
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