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cowboy67 (profile) wrote,
on 11-10-06 at 4:04pm
every variable you can think of can affect it: anxiety, happiness, sadness, stress, diet, exercise, lack of or too much sleep, how deep the sleep is, etc. as far as a physiological explanation as to what causes us to recall or forget dreams, there's no solid theory.

some guess that during sleep and especially REM sleep (when most dreams occur, although they can occur at any time during sleep), there's a disjointed pattern of thought in the brain; the frontal lobe is basically "turned off" -- and so executive functioning/judgment are off during dreams (which can explain a lot!). at the same time, the limbic system is in overdrive, so that is why emotions are so vivd. the hippocampus is necessary for memories and so perhaps depending on the stimulation of it during dreams, you may or may not remember things. or it might depend on the frontal lobe because you need working memory to keep the dream in your mind. it's all very complicated, but that's the best i can do for you w/o getting my brain & behavior textbook out!

and with that, SEE YA
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