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Aaron (profile) wrote,
on 11-30-06 at 5:14pm
Myspace is a relativly bad environment to pick out strong christians. And I think the idea of an experiment might be a bit brash. Live your part, and try to get others to follow in your wake by showing them how you reap personal benefit from the war you wage. Subtlety is key. Listen far more than you speak, and speak only when necissary.

Remember also that not all people, even amongst christians, are cut out to be warriors. There are many different jobs to be done within the kingdom, and using the devices of christianity and the power of God to kick the crap out of demons is only one of them. You and I have a tendency towards being unreasonably stubborn, haphazardly impulsive, and uncontrolably passionate. These are some of the prime characteristics God endowed us with so that we can do the job he set aside for us. And while they may seem potentially negative, when used by God under the right circumstance (the war) they can be invaluable assets.

remember also that a fighter can't last forever in the ring. And while your personal battles will never end, the ones you fight outside of yourself are (to some degree) optional. Choose your fights carefully and give yourself a break from time to time. If you push yourself to far, things will go badly for you. There is a subtle self-induced temptation to become so engrossed in what we're fighting that we forget what we're fighting for. Our propensity to make mistakes is already high considering our task, and forgetting our goal isn't going to help any. Make sure you spend more time with your God than you do with your demons.

Anyway, I've rambled long enough. God's right beside you, and so am I. So hang in there.
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