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twiggypuff (profile) wrote,
on 01-16-07 at 8:06pm
I love you. I am glad that you're not shut down to all that you are experiencing simply because of the people here. I am so happy that you have made a life for yourself in another country! That is very impressive and it makes me proud of you. I remember that night before you left for the airport. You were worried that you would miss people too much and not want to experience the things in Poland. I remember how excited and not afraid you were. I remember the last time we hugged and I wished I would have hugged a little tighter. I also remember the first time you told me how happy you were there and feeling a sense of relief that everything was going to be okay. Things won't be the same when you get back, but the people that loved you when you left will still love you just as much when you come back and leave again. Love is strong and oceans can't kill it. You don't have two different lives - it's not like you left part of your life here in Cedar. All of your life is now in Poland and it will constantly travel with you. Don't make the people in your life, your life. You're right to say "I will stay in touch with those who I'm meant to, and I will drift with others" because that is fully true. I enjoy knowing how much you have grown, even if I hadn't grown with you. You're not an outsider looking in on our lives, you're doing just as we all do to keep in touch with one another. Well, as I do to keep in touch with people. I don't call people or try to visit with people, I read about their lives on Woohu. I am going to end this comment, I haven't a clue what I have said (very sleep deprived with a headache). I am looking forward to the day you come back and we can spend days in The Bitter End talking in a new way, yet like the old way. I love you dear Kate.
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