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acidtears (profile) wrote,
on 02-24-07 at 6:10pm
I always promised myself if I ever broke up with someone, that'd be it. My mum always said, 'if it's over, then it's over.' I firmly believe that.

If there's something about you that a particular person doesn't like, and they break up with you, they still dislike that quality when they decide to date you again. It's always there, and it's always going to eventually resurface. Sad but true. People don't change easily.
Especially when they don't have to.

I didn't think I had plans for today, but lo-and-behold, I just got home. I spent hours out with my family getting some pointless things. A new sketchbook for my sister and I each, new graphite bars for me, fabric for my other sister, and more knitting supplies.

I have no idea why I all of a sudden am infatuated with knitting, but at least it gets me off of the computer. :]

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