Anonymous wrote,
on 03-04-07 at 8:22pm
ok you get a comment on your site instead of an email or anything.... i'm sorry. i truely am. i'm sorry i'm the way i am and i'm a fucking prick. i know i am. i'm sorry that i hurt you. i'm sorry that i ever dragged you into my life. i'm sorry that i didn't treat you at the end of our relationship the same way i did at the beggining of it. i'm sorry. thats all i can say. there is no reason, no excuse. i'm me. and you know it killed me to hear you say when you broke up with me that you didn't even expect our relationship to last that long. that hurt.. in the beggining we both talked about a life together. and it never seemed right hearing it from anyone else. but damn it felt so good hearing it from you. and you said the same thing to me. and to hear you say that in the end.. it killed/still kills.. i love you katie. i know you don't want to hear that. i know you don't even want to hear from me. since you broke up with me i haven't slept for more than 10 hour total. i've been to 2 different sleep doctors. they tell me there is no reason. that even a recent love loss shouldn't do that to me. but you have. i can't eat, i can't sleep. i regret everything i've ever done to harm you. i'm sorry. but i know that i have no chance with you anymore. i never thought i did period. anyway i just had to get that out.. and if when you read this you decide you want it. i have two things for you. something i baught you the night i got your message before your surgery. i'm so sorry i hurt you, i never wanted to. i'm sorry i wasn't good enough.
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