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redhawk (profile) wrote,
on 05-21-07 at 12:46pm
jesus. I pretty much know how that is. My mom's computer loves to freak out and then she brings it to Best Buy... so they fix it by deleting everything. That's happend twice. One time was just a while ago. Luckily I had a few folders on CDs and some pictures at my dad's house. I'll make you CDs of what I have though. I have some prom and your visiting home party pics. I'll do what I can, Stacy! Also, I have no idea what your schedule is or how tired you still are, but sometime me Syd, Amanda, Dave, and maybe some other people are going to go picture taking in the woods and around white creek. I'll leave you a comment to invite you but I certainly wont get my feelings hurt if you don't want to come. :P
My new cell is 788-8855 if you want to hang out and show me photoshop stuff or whatever else.
Good luck with getting some photos back.
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