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independenttruckergrl (profile) wrote,
on 06-30-07 at 2:18am
I know that friendship is more of a process of nature than a choice, but choices have something to do with it. And I'm not trying to push hard to be frank, for the most part I've given up. Personally, I think that both people on both sides should at least make some sort of effort during the friendship. And about the hanging out thing, I ask. And you never return my phone calls or anything. It's kind of fusterating and I am not angry about it because I know that you're busy as am I. It's just so annoying because you're saying that I need to make steps toward us being friends. I find this funny because I have taken countless steps to try and be your friend and have gotten not much of a friendship in return.
As for the personal matters problem, I am honestly sorry. I never meant to act that way and always be jealous of your girlfriends. I just wish that you would trust me and believe me that I've grown out of that and I now understand how come you got so fusterated. I've changed a whole lot since we've actually hung out and been friends. So when I ask you to trust me as I have trusted you, I would appreciate it if you at least gave me a chance.

Okay. Let's try to give it another shot. And this time, let us really try. No more excuses. You're a great person Paul and I would really like to be friends with you without all of our personal issues getting in the way. So let us wipe the slate clean and start over, yes?
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