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independenttruckergrl (profile) wrote,
on 07-26-07 at 6:51pm
So basically I'm really bored because I finished all my homework that was due today so I have nothing better to do. Since I had nothing better to do I decided I would leave you a huge long comment about nothing because those are fun and I'm a much better writer than I am a talker.
The concert last night was pretty awesome, I was totally not expecting to see you there at all but the fact you showed up was ironic. Considering I saw Micheal walk in the door and then I told Jessica "Oh, there's Micheal, who's going to walk in next, Paul?" And guess what? You walk in! Yeah... don't know why I told you that. My stories are really boring, sorry.
Colleen and I had a kind of cake fight today at VBS. The cupcakes we used had blue frosting and Colleen smeared on onto my cheek. So I had a big blue circle on my cheek. So I took some frosting and drew a long, disgusting line on her forehead. The kids thought it was the funniest thing in the entire world. That story was weird too... nevermind.
Let's try this one...
Uhm. I had a pet goldfrish once, then it died. OMG! Do you remember in 6th grade when John Halstead gave us the goldfish for his birthday?!?! Yeah, mine was fat and I kept it in a tank and then like not even a week later, it was belly-up foating at the top of the tank. It wasn't even depressing because I got to flush it down the toliet... that was fun. Okay, maybe I'm just a weird kid who likes to flush dead fish down the toliet, but who doesn't?
I remember you had a pet turtle a long time ago... is it still alive? Because turtles sometimes live to be really super old. And I think you had a dog and a cat or two... if I remember correctly... hmmm.
I need another story... that isn't about cake or animals... hmmm. I uhm... yeah. I don't know.
Just to let you know, I think your are the bestest kid in the entire world. And I love you like a fat kid loves cake. Or a hobo loves boxes. Oh! What happened to your hobo anyway? Did you finally release him into the wil... I mean city where he belongs? Because if you did good for you! Or else I would have sent the Hobo Protection Agency after you. HPA. That reminds me of HSBS. And then I laugh because it's funny... no really, it is.
So I've covered cake, animals and hobos on this episode of 'Kalie's Comments.' Tune in next time to hear about camels, ranch dressing and pillows.

The end.
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