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rorin (profile) wrote,
on 10-22-07 at 1:04am
Nathan, really, if you are so damn interested in her and she isn't in you, you just need to drop it. Do you really think you can take the constant rejection there will be while you are her friend? If you can't then you need to not be around her. And if you can, and it is better to be around her than not be around her, you just need to accept her feelings.

I've had it happen many times before to me. I'm interested in someone, they aren't in me, they rub it in my face, and I can't stand it. I've always been one to leave that sort of boy/girl relationship alone and distance myself from harm.

But if you think she is better as a friend than not at all, you need to just put up with her feelings.
This probably kind of sucks for her too.

Right, I don't mean for that to sound mean.
I'm not on ANYONE'S side. I see flaws in both of your actions.
I just want you to be happier than you are right now. I want the best for you.
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