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eddy (profile) wrote,
on 10-27-07 at 5:12pm
Haha, way to ruin my post about the show addison! Yours has to be all..critic sounding. =P

Mine of course, will come from the point of view of someone who absolutely adores HIM. =D

And again, as you know, I completely agree with you on Bleeding Through. I hadn't even thought of looking at who was going to open for them when we were making the plans.

Also, more agreeingness on the horns thing. Besides all that, being sacred part, it was just damned annoying when you were trying to take a picture, or a video, and all you got is people's hands in your face (literally might I add. Stupid Bitch -_-)

And I think my videos are totally ruined by her screaming. Thats about all you can hear, and then Linde playing inbetween. Not to mention being right by the speakers and having all that bass. That kind of ruined them too. =(

Great description of Bleeding Through. =]
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