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aaron (profile) wrote,
on 11-18-07 at 2:04am
You, Alex, we're born an intellectual. The amazing thing about intellectuals is that, although we can think of so many off the top of our heads, there are very few in the world. The very breath of someone who uses their mind with so few restraints is more profound than that of his peers, and thus the majority of them are recognized. What you are experienceing, in short, is the lonliness that goes along with (pardon my arrogance) being smarter than everyone else.

As has become customary between us, I'll have to play the Devil's Advocate and use anecdote.

There are two major Highschools in the southern end of District 81; Ferris and Lewis and Clark.

Initially, when I transfered back into the district this summer after a three year sebaticle, I insisted they allow me into LC. I gave all sorts of reasons about how the facility is far superior to Ferris (which is true) and how I have more friends there (which is also true) but the honest truth is, I felt I had unfinished business. Like my life would not be complete if I didn't return to the battle field from which I had ran several years before and prove my merit.

They didn't accept me. Thus I was to take three afternoon classes at Ferris after my morning classes at the college. I was not pleased. But, as it normally goes, I met a girl in my AP English class and after chickening out like a little kid for almost two weeks I worked up the nerve to ask her out. She accepted, and laughed at me for taking so long.

I decided I would train over the winter and run the two mile in track. I joined debate team and have yet to attend a practice or tournament.

Last night I watched what was truly a medocre performance of the play Hello Dolly by the Ferris Drama department, solely because Kirsten (my girlfriend) was playing cello in the pit orchestra. Afterwards we went to Applebees with some of the orchestra and cast and had a great time just goofing off and arm wrestling for the little boys at the table next to us.

Tonight I saw my friend John play Linus in LCs production of Your a Good Man Charlie Brown by their more prestigous drama department. The play was funny, and was of a quality of production that Ferris' play couldn't hold a candle to.

There were posters on the walls of all the intellectual clubs and debate victories. At Ferris, they're proud of their undefeated football team. LC has multi million dollar archetecture and replicas of important cultural paintings. Ferris has schools spirit fliers taped to its walls and a severe lack of sufficient air conditioning.

LC has a much deserved intellectual superiority complex. Ferris is lucky if their students graduate frequently.

But which would've been better for me? I'm not afraid to say that I'm an intellectual, although I sound conceited doing so. Shouldn't I naturally feel more at home at the school for the intellectuals. Probably. But while that fuels my thought something at ferris makes me fiercly alive. A beautiful girl sending me helplessly into a romance, a primal sense of athletic competition, and the utter neglect of my much loved passtime of fileting less intelligent individuals.

Hell, I've all but become your run of the mill jock. But I'm alive.

Our minds are but one part of our being. The Human race is the most intelligent of all the worlds races, yet instilled in us is a passion for life that far out weighs the power of our thought an innovation.

We are a primal people.

The point being, a heart without a brain is still alive. A brain without a heart...that's nothing at all.

Worry more about caring for people and being cared for than seeking intellectual sparring matches. We grow through the prior, and test our growth in the arena provided by the latter.

So there's my food for thought.
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