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brianna (profile) wrote,
on 12-09-07 at 9:28am
First of all, *notepad grabbed* it seems that you have a lot of problems with your love life. Would it be normal for you not to? Take comfort in the fact that it is completely crazy. Also, it's not bad to be a virgin. I was a virgin until 20 (and only for 2 months after I turned that) and I have a kid with another one on the way, so don't be too discouraged. Daniel was a virgin until he was 23. He just hadn't met a me yet. That's your problem, Brett, you have to find a me. :D Just kidding. Seriously though, don't be too discouraged. Who knows that life will throw at you and when? You're still young. When you're a 40 year old virgin, then we'll take some drastic measures ;-)

Secondly, you have to write that novel!!!! I really really want to read it. I support you 100% on your endeavors and Dann would love to read it because I was talking to him about it awhile ago and he said he sounded like a cool concept.

Dann is sitting here over my shoulder telling me that he wants to have you over sometime and I completely agree. Consider yourself invited. :) Anyway, we'll talk about that once you get through "The Dreaded Finals". *cue scary music*
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