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1010101 (profile) wrote,
on 12-09-07 at 3:02pm
Yeah, so I've calmed down considerably since that night.
Anyhow, I wouldn't mind the crazy so much if I actually had a girlfriend every now and again instead of being single with the odd cuddle or make out here and there. I dunno, I guess the virgin thing isn't all that bad, but dammit, my libido is a raging ravenous monster and it has gone it's entire life without being able to feed O_O.

Yes I really do >_<. Believe me I want you to read it at least as much as you want to read it. Incidentally the concept has continued to evolve more and more.

I'd love to come over sometime and discuss the story and whatever the hell else you feel like discussing, and I'll have to give you a call once the finals *thunder cracks* are over.
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