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loserxdork (profile) wrote,
on 05-10-08 at 10:28pm
Yeah, I know. Nextel told my my plan was up April 9th 2008 so I went out like 1/2 a month before and got T-Mobile. Then, I find out my Nextel wasn't really up until October of 2008 sooo now I'm stuck paying Nextel a ton, and after I pay it off then I have to put it on standby which is something like $7-$10 a month, on top of my T-Mobile bill which is also charging me $10 extra for voicemail which they never told me about. I've had REALLY REALLY bad luck with all this shit. I've had Nextel FOREVER, since about 8th grade, because when my dad started his A/C business he used to use Nextel and I just got one when I was old enough.

I know, I haven't used this in SOOO long. I have another journal that I've had for a while that I use.
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