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aaron (profile) wrote,
on 11-11-08 at 9:23pm
Those are all legitimate concerns, but remember that God is bigger than the church and mission fields. It's not like he's absent when you walk into a class room or do your homework. Christ was as much about the mundane day to day stuff as he was about reaching out in tremendous ways. Really it comes down to doing what you do well, doing it for joy, and doing it for God. Love God and love people and it works out. Don't bog yourself down with misplaced illusions of obligation to certain courses of action. It really is as simple as love.

The beauty of free will is that you're not obligated to do anything other than love. He knows our limitations and he's not going to ask you to make decisions based on information you don't have.

And as for the part about becoming a clean slate, don't think for a minute you have to become a certain way before God can work with you. That's a blatant mistruth. God can do whatever he damn well pleases; that's one of the perks of omnipotence. Just surrender to him. None of us has the power to change by ourselves. In the realm of spiritual growth, we can't even tie our proverbial shoes without his help.

But I am praying for you man. Good luck.
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