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foobz (profile) wrote,
on 11-12-08 at 9:50pm
okay nevermind.
you don't believe me.

try her phone number, the voicemail's been deleted and her a'da told me it's her little sister's now, that she got a new phone and all, wouldn't give it to me. when i called her house, her mum wouldn't let me talk to her or tell me where she was, and said, "i suggest trying alex." that's the only reason i thought you might have it.

but ok man.

i truly am sorry for trying to be your friend.

you don't need to respond or e-mail or text or call, or do any of the things you said you'd do. i'm learning that you have a tendency not to anyway. by the way, i never told jess any of the things you were sorry for. she told me you were a liar before i got the chance to.

i guess if it matters, it's in your hands.

slan always.
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